The experience

Welcome to my process.

This is where you find out if we will be a good fit.

I like to keep things real, because that is where magic is created. No uncomfortable poses in front of the camera. This is about you and your loved one(s). Sure we might take a couple minutes to get used to each other, but after that you will be able to be perfectly YOU. I will still guide you and be exited with you all the way, so no need to worry about me abandoning you and then pointing a camera at you!

I want to work with you if you value my style and are exited to create memories with me. It’s about having an experience with your loved one/family where you can connect and have fun together. I am not your answer if you are looking for someone to take a couple of photos just because everyone else is taking photos, or if you are shopping around for the cheapest option. I’m not into trends. I strive to capture real emotions. The ones that will not go out of fashion. I guarantee those are the ones you and your family will still treasure years from now.

In short, I want you to see our session as an adventure! Lets have fun. Lets create real memories of you, doing what you love. Not copies of other people’s photographs or lives.

Lets plan your adventure!