The experience

Are you exited to create with me yet? I can’t wait to meet you!

Photography is such an incredible journey of discovery. It’s about being curious; exploring new things, or old things in a new manner. It’s about marveling at the beauty that has always been there, as if seeing it for the first time. Sometimes I have to spend a little time peeling away the layers that obscure your real smile, but I don’t mind, because it is always worth it in the end.  It is therapy, both to photograph and to be photographed.

I like sessions to be easy. No uncomfortable poses in front of the camera. Laughter is highly encouraged. This is about you and your loved one(s). Sure we might take a couple minutes to get used to each other, but after that you will be able to be perfectly YOU. I will still guide you and be exited with you all the way, so no need to worry about me abandoning you and then pointing a camera at you!

You will be my co creators during this experience, but all you need to bring is your eagerness and the expectation that we are going to have a great time! I strive to capture real emotions. These images never go out of fashion, and I guarantee they are the ones that you and your family will treasure years from now.

In short, I want you to see our session as an adventure! Lets have fun. Lets create real memories of you.

Get in touch and plan your adventure!