Roelof & Krystal Wedding Day

Roelof & Krystal Wedding Day

“Live in the moment and make it beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” Fanny Crosby

 I had such a wonderful time photographing Roelof and Krystal’s wedding. In part because I had previously worked with Krystal which makes her feel more like a friend than a client to me, but also because they are such a great couple to work with.

I love photographing small town weddings, especially where the whole family is involved to help make the couple’s day even more beautiful. Intimate weddings always serve to remind me of what I think what the day really should be about. Love, family, memories.

Photos were taken in Jan Kempdorp and on Roelof’s farm where we managed to get some beautiful photos under his Pecan trees and at the dam.

I would definitely not have been able to do this wedding without the help of my amazing husband, who spent the entire wedding running after me with various photographic supplies, water and food.

Enjoy the photos!


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